The Proper Way To Load A Dishwasher | 911 Service Today
Posted: February 14, 2018

The does and don’ts for loading your dishwasher

First of all. Never overload your dishwasher, as this prevents the dishes from being washed properly.

Now, let’s start with what you shouldn’t be putting in the dishwasher. Plastic, wooden utensils should be hand washed cause they are likely to get damaged. Reactive metals like iron or bronze are easily tarnished and will begin corroding over time, so they should be hand-washed. If you have sharp knives and would like to keep them sharp, avoid washing them in the dishwasher because they may get dull from rubbing against the other utensils and the silverware holder, instead hand wash them.

Large items like cooking pots or bowls should be placed face bowl on the bottom rack. Frying pans should be placed on the outside edges of the lower rack to receive proper rinsing.

Cup and glasses should be placed on the top rack and set between the tines while also being spaced apart and not cramped together. If glassware is placed too close to each other there will be the risk of cracking or breaking due to the vibration.

Smaller bowls go on the top rack as well. To ensure that each bowl is properly rinsed stack them in an incline. If you have extra utensils, place them also on the top rack in between the tines.

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