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Posted: November 28, 2013

I have a confession:

I am a Black Friday Shopper. It almost feels like a sin to say that these days, but I can never resist the amazing deals! I scour the ads weeks in advance and decide on the items that are must haves, I map out my adventure, and make sure I have everything coordinated. I’m not a big fan of shopping, so I make this my one big shopping trip of the season.

This year while studying all of the ads on my handy Black Friday ap, I’ve noticed quite a few amazing deals on appliances from a lot of the “Big Box” stores, so I decided to take a look into them and see if the deals are actually worth it.
I personally won’t be shopping for appliances on Black Friday, but with so many deals out there, it must be something that a lot of people do!

So, if you’re in need of a new appliance, here are a few things to keep in mind if you go out to battle the crowds this holiday season.

1. Study the sale! A lot of people don’t read the fine print. Sometimes the great price on that new washer is only valid if you buy a dryer as well, or it may only be at a certain time. For instance, the sale may start at 6pm and only last for an hour.
-Also, the sale might only be on one color, so if you’re looking for a black oven, the sale may only be on the white model.
2. They may only have “limited quantities available”. Standing in line to get a great price on a brand new front loading washer won’t do you much good if they only have 5 of them available, and you’re the 150th person in line!
3. Don’t count on getting the item pictured in the ad! While the ad may show an LG dishwasher, they may substitute a similar brand of equal or lesser value. So if you’re dedicated to one brand in particular, you may be disappointed.
4. Delivery- Most Black Friday sales don’t include delivery fees, check into the rules of delivery ahead of time or make arrangements to transport the appliance yourself.
5. Warranties- each store has different policies on warranties. Study these before you purchase the item. A lot of Black Friday sales are considered “close outs”, and the items are sold “as is”. Go to the stores web site, or call in advance to find out about warranties.
6. Map out your shopping experience- most stores will post maps of the stores with the locations of the sale items. This may help you to get that item instead of missing out while fighting the crowds trying to figure out where that item is located.
7. Don’t expect to get everything on your list. You’re only one of many trying to get the great deals! You can’t win them all! Have a back up plan if you REALLY need a new appliance, you might not win the battle with the crowds.
8. Measure! Make sure the appliance you purchase will fit properly in the space you have available!
9. Ask about return and exchange policies! Just in case you measure wrong, you want to be able to return a purchase that big if it doesn’t fit! Some stores may not accept returns on appliances sold on Black Friday.
10. Plan for crowds, have enough time to shop, and expect long lines! Shop with a spouse or a friend and battle the crowds together! This also helps if you want more than one item. You can each stand in different lines.

Have fun with it and enjoy the experience! Sometimes watching the people battle to get that new video game is pretty entertaining!

Have fun shopping!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Holiday Season!

By Ami.Z

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