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Posted: January 18, 2014

So you call an Appliance tech because the washer which you love so much is not draining the water any more, or when it does, it sounds just like a jet plane in your laundry room waiting to take off.

The tech arrives and you describe how it sounds:” brr grrr grrr brrr…” he advises you to open a window and he’ll drain the water which will smell awful. He opens the pump and after few a minutes he calls you over to examine the treasure he found in your machine.

The first joke he probably will make will be “you know it’s not a coin operated machine ;)” After that, you both will go through the artifacts & debris that came out from the pump, together. It is at this point, you may say that it’s your significant other or that your kids that never check their pockets, but if you look closely you may see something resembling the misshapen underwire of a brassiere?! Throughout my many adventures in washing machine repair, these seemingly benign undergarment support pieces and bobby pins have proven to be some of  the most destructive debris to be found in a washer pump. My advice to prevent this kind of damage to your machine is to use a lingerie net bag for all your delicate items. It will protect your delicates and all small items from snags, tangles and tears while in the machines washing and drying. And then of course, always check & empty your pockets before inserting them into your washer.

“you know it’s not a coin operated machine”

A tech can always attempt to clean & repair a pump, but if that doesn’t work then a new one is needed.

Hopefully you will take our tech’s advice and always use your lingerie wash bag. Or if you happen to notice your favorite support bra is a little less than supportive on side compared to the other, then consider looking within the washer or dryer drum for the missing piece. Or call a tech to prevent damage to the pump, altogether.

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By Arik.R

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