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Posted: April 18, 2014
Happy Easter y’all, we know this is the Holiday that we all decorate eggs with lots of color.  Don’t let the decorating stop at the eggs, why not give your washer and dryer a quick and easy facelift.  At 911 Service Today, we’re North Charleston’s washer and dryer repair experts. With these four ideas, we help you customize your appliances to fit your personality and transform you laundry room into an art project.

Spring is here in South Carolina and you feel the DIY appeal. It is time to give a new start to those bland appliances!
Here are 4 fun tips to customize your washer and dryer in a few minutes/hours.
You can write on it!
The fastest way is certainly the use of dry-erase markers. Don’t tell me you never thought of that! Yes, dry-erase markers work on washers and dryers. If you would like to keep it practical, write each time clothes that are not suitable for dryer. You can also write an inspiring quote or even draw on it with assorted colors! Just to be sure you are not stuck for years with this same creation, try the dry-erase markers on a hidden part of the appliance first. Then write and erase using glass cleaner ad infinitude.
You can magnetize it!

Yes, magnets also work on washers and dryers. You can either use fun magnets, or use plain ones to put your favorite posters on. This tip is especially recommended for washers and dryers that sit in your kitchen, because it is the only spot where they fit. Instead of hiding them, you can decorate them in the same way you cover your fridge and freezer!
You can tape it!
Electric tape is another way to decorate your washer and dryer. Easy to use and to remove, it will really let your creativity shine with unlimited possibilities! You can use different colors to draw straight lines, complex figures or even cut small pieces of the shape you like in the tape. When you are tired of your design, just remove the tape and use a tough task remover if you see tape residues.
You can paint it!
picture of a decorated washer and dryer
Last but not least, painting your washer and dryer is a great option, if you have a few hours to spend. Use paint suitable for metal and heat. You may want to take your appliances outside so the paint dries better. For a very classy result, you can even use a stencil to draw some nice patters on the whit background!
Happy Easter from us at 911 Service Today   Appliance repair
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By Deborah G.
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